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Christmas Dinner: 12 December 2015

Lahore Kebab House, 2-10 Umberston Street, London E1 1PY

The Social Sec’s have been working hard to bring you something a little different for this years Christmas social. For those of you that haven’t been to this restaurant, it is worth pointing out that this highly rated establishment it isn’t your typical ‘Indian’ (it is in fact a genuine Pakistani restaurant), and it serves up a delicious range of quality foods.

For a mere £20 you will receive a starter, main curry with rice and any naan bread of your choosing. The restaurant is a BYOD and there are plenty of places to pick up your favourite tipple on the way.

Booking is essential. You can do this the usual way by sending an email to the Social Secs, or via our Facebook events page. The links are below.

Club Quiz: 21 November 2015

Following on from this year’s Beer Pong tournament, we the social secs of KAHC, have yet another mind bending evening of entertainment. Yes, that’s right, we are of course talking about the KAHC Club Quiz: Quiz In Parnell’s Hair!

Domino’s pizza and a drink of your choice all for the merry price of £10.

RSVP below either by email or Facebook.

Beer Pong: 17 October 2015

First social to ease us back into our debauched proceedings is Saturday, 17 October – BEER PONG World Cup! 

Our sweet clubhouse will be transformed into a Beer Pong Tournament on an international scale, so get ready to pair up and take on the world. 

Cost will be £12.50 per person (which will get you Domino’s, beer and smooches), so get ready to pick a partner with an accurate throw, and a real fondness for handling balls.

RSVP below either by email or Facebook.